Our Story

The family behind the game

Our Background

Having paid off our first home whilst doing our OE in London, we started looking at various investment options available to us. With Debbie being an introvert, the open plan office environment was often far too exhausting for her to have a rip roaring career. So we were looking for ways to make money, so Debbie could be a stay at home Mum.

We settled on property investing as we came across a quote in one book saying “over 900 years in the UK, property values rise on average 10% per year.” We also felt that this would be a great way to raise our capital for a business venture one day. We managed to scale to 10 properties by 2013 and then consolidated down to the 6 properties we own today. We also enjoy investing our money into the stock market and investing our time and energy into our teenagers and our local community.

Why We Created The Game

Debbie would often watch our kids and their friends playing board games and see how engaged they were and keen to learn. We felt that there was a real market for a fun and educational game that could address the money pain points in Gen Z today.

We also know that there are a lot of people out there who won’t read personal finance books, listen to podcasts or attend seminars. But will engage in a fun board game night with friends. Players have to make investment decisions and develop their strategy, so through playing a board game they are automatically engaged in the learning process.  

Process of Creating HACKT!CS

Over 3 ½ years we would invite friends and family over for dinner and to play HACKT!CS. We are forever grateful to those who endured the very early versions as we examined their playing style to see what is really important for players.

We’ve had a lot of fun along the way, overcoming hurdles and finding solutions to the issues.

Our First Design

Created in 2018

Our Latest Prototype

Created in 2022

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