The entertaining board game that

Inspires Young People
To Master Their Money

Unlock a world of fun with HACKT!CS today.

The entertaining board game that

Inspires Young People
To Master Their Money

Unlock a world of fun with HACKT!CS today.

Financially Savvy Sale

20% off!

Financially Savvy Sale

20% off!

Practice great money decisions

and prepare your teenagers for success

Choose from 8 careers like Social Media Influencer, Recycling Entrepreneur, or Pet Rescue Manager.

Make decisions to balance your savings and investments whilst navigating life's unexpected events.

Develop your winning strategy & outsmart your opponents!

Simple Setup

How To Play

1. Choose Your Career

Will you be a Social Media Influencer, Recycling Entrepreneur, Teacher, Pet Rescue Manager, Pilot, Plumber, IT Professional, or Graphic Designer?

Each career has their own set of superpowers to boost your strategy throughout the game, depending on their skill set.

The game is only 12 Rounds long and each Round you get paid your 'career savings'. This equates to the amount of money that has been saved over a two year period.

2. Start Investing

Will you buy a business, stocks, property or have a side hustle to make money? Or will you buy insurance, plant trees, adopt a pet or go on a trip of a lifetime?

HACKT!CS presents opportunities and complexities of life in a simple and enjoyable way to empower players with life hacks and money tactics.

3. Diversify Your Portfolio

Plan your winning strategy and record all your accomplishments in your investment portfolio.

Will you scale up and purchase the Sands Shopping Mall, complete the bucket list, obtain the diversified portfolio or give back to the community to earn extra HACKT!CS points?

There are only 12 Rounds so every turn matters.

Loved by Parents and Teens

Smiles in Every

Are you a school or a community organisation keen to get your hands on our game? Find out about our special offers.


Darcy Ungaro

Financial Advisor

With the world changing so rapidly as it is right now, it's more important than ever to equip our kids with the life skills and financial tools they need to succeed. For this, I highly recommend playing HACKT!CS board game. I've been impressed with its super high quality and how much knowledge and financial literacy can be learnt through playing the game and the conversations that spin off as a result. Every home should have a copy of HACKT!CS.


Social Media Influencer

I give HACKT!CS 11/10 as it one of our families absolute favourite games. It is so interactive and so much Fun! We played it every day between Christmas and New Year as we were absolutely obsessed by it.



We had so much fun playing the game! It's engaging, competitive, and educational, which focuses on important life decisions. Such a great laugh with friends and family. Can't wait to play it again.