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The savings amounts take into account tax, student loan and living expenses. They also assume, that whilst you are studying you have a normal part time job such as working in retail or hospitality.

The side hustles on the board are in addition to this. The side hustles often follow on from an area of interest that you enjoy and can prove to be lucrative.

Remember, each round equates to 2 years of life.

Yes, but that really depends on where you live in the world.

Often, people purchase a house with another person so this normally increases the size of the deposit and ability to service the loan.

This is the % that the property increases in value each year. Remembering that each round, equates to 2 years of life.

This has been calculated in the profit numbers. The higher the capital gain the better, so it is written on the back of the investment portfolio for you to easily compare which investments are better.

Because stocks and commercial properties don’t have a loan component. So, you receive all of their market value.

Whilst apartments, rentals and houses do have a loan component, so once you have repaid the loan, then you receive the profit portion.

The business profit figures
take into account the salary for a manager to run the business on a daily basis.

In life, you can't always automatically get the loans where and when you want them. All applicants must pass strict criteria to get approved.

At times there can also be a credit crunch, meaning loans are very difficult to come by.

This game is attempting to teach players that stocks rise and fall in value, and that it is important to keep an eye on them.

Well, that depends on where you want to retire in the world? Considering this game is targeted towards young people, it’s just an indication on what they will need in 40 years time.

Money has the highest weighting because when you have a good solid financial foundation, you have more time and money to do the things that are important to you. For example, you have more money to travel to see family, buy environmentally friendly products, or volunteer your time to help others in the community. Therefore, money enables the other areas of life that are of high value to you.

Side hustles are secondary jobs, so the tax rate depends on the tax rate paid for the primary job. The game has been kept simple for playability, what is important to note is that tax needs to be paid on all forms of income.

Because usually the business premises are owned by a landlord, and their insurance will cover the building damage.

A person who takes unwanted materials and turns them into usable items. For example: turning soft plastics into fence posts.

To chase its dream of becoming a millionaire and prove to Colonel Sanders that it's not just good for making fried chicken!

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